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Specialised background in academic training

In my former academic career, I designed and delivered academic writing modules for students, especially those new to academic life or those returning to their studies after a considerable break. In addition, I supervised postgraduate dissertations at master’s and PhD level.

In addition, I have recently designed and delivered editorial workshops for researchers in academic institutions, especially on how to edit the final draft of academic documents (research applications, research papers, dissertations).

I am currently employed as a tutor for an accredited online proofreading and editing course.

I can provide workshops in:

  • academic writing skills
  • referencing
  • editing the final draft of your academic document

Style guide consultancy

In my recent editorial practice, I have worked with authors to design new style guides or update existing ones. A clear and effective style guide is an essential aid to authors of academic and semi-academic texts, such as reports. It enables them to follow set rules on matters of style and ensures that texts are presented in a consistent way.

I can provide consultancy in:

  • designing and updating style guides

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